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Bitcoin and Almost All Crypto Assets are Up, Why Am I Not Profiting Yet?

Bitcoin and almost all crypto assets on Indodax experienced an increase in price during this pandemic. However, are you still not making a profit? The pandemic […]
Bitcoin dan Ethereum

Ethereum is not better than Bitcoin, is it True?

Currently, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular crypto assets in the world. However, is it true that Ethereum is not better than Bitcoin? At […]

Don’t panic, do these 5 steps when the Bitcoin price drops

Bitcoin is going down or drops. Do not panic! You can do this way. Bitcoin is an asset with a very volatile price, if we compare […]

If you bought Bitcoin from a year ago, how much your profit?

Bitcoin have a fantastic performance from 2020 to early 2021. If you had Bitcoin from a year ago, how much profit would you make? From February […]

Those Who Got Big Provits After Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin increased to the highest price of IDR 851 million. This makes people or companies got big provit of up to billions of dollars or trillions […]

Why Bitcoin Prices Rise and Fall Like a Roller Coaster?

Bitcoin and crypto are rise and fall like a roller coaster. The price movement can be hundreds of percent per year. Some even reach hundreds of […]

Indodax Market Signal February 22, 2021: 5 Bullish and Bearish Crypto Assets This Week

Indodax market signal February 22, 2021, this time re-publishing bullish and bearish crypto assets for the next week. Bitcoin recorded the highest price. How about other […]
XRP Prices illustration

Despite being sued by the SEC, XRP prices are still able to rise fantastically

The Ripple crypto asset (XRP) is in a state of lawsuit after being accused of fraud. However, during the lawsuit period, XRP still managed to go […]

What is Blockchain? What Does It Have To Do With Bitcoin?

For you beginner traders, you need to understand what blockchain is and how it relates to Bitcoin. In this article we will discuss. Blockchain and Bitcoin […]