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What to Do After Registering before Starting Trading?

Steps – steps that must be taken after registering. Hello Indodax Member! For those of you who have registered an account at Indodax, what are the […]
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Learning Bitcoin, What Causes Prices to Go Up and Down?

Hello, Indodax member. This time, we will learn bitcoin by knowing how bitcoin prices go up and down. What are the factors? However, for those of […]
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Learn Bitcoin? Here are 5 Crucial Tips!

However, for those of you who are not yet members, you can register here. Previously, you can check other tips here. Previously, you need to know […]
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Learn Bitcoin, Try Using

Hello, Indodax member. Did you know that Indodax launched again? For you who are just learning bitcoin, this feature is easier to understand to learn […]

Classification of Crypto Assets by Category

Apparently, crypto assets can be divided into several classifications, especially Coin and Tokens. So, what distinguishes each crypto asset? Coin is a crypto asset that functions […]

Bitcoin Trading? Don’t Use Your Emergency Fund!

Learning to trade bitcoin or other crypto assets often makes you panic. Because indeed the price of Bitcoin often goes up and down quickly. Previously, if […]

Segregated Witness

Maybe you’ve heard the term Hard Fork. Then, what is a SegWit that has recently enlivened the crypto world? Indodax Academy will explain in this article. […]

Beginner Bitcoin Trader Mistakes

Hello Indodax member! There are many beginner traders who often make mistakes when trading bitcoin and other crypto assets. Previously, for Indodax members who had just […]

7 Important Things to Trade Bitcoin on Indodax that Must Be Understood

7 Important Things to Trade Bitcoin on Indodax that Must Be Understood Hello Indodax Member. For those of you novice traders who trade bitcoin or other […]