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Tips for Choosing and Detecting a Good and Reliable Exchange

The choice of crypto exchange is a crucial first step before entering the world of crypto assets. Choosing a platform must not be done haphazardly to […]

Bitcoin Halving Day – What We Can Expect

When talking about 2020, the crypto community surely knows that in May Bitcoin Halving Day will occur. What do you think will happen after Halving this […]

Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

Hello Indodax member! Now, Indodax Academy Team will explain the algorithms in the Blockchain world that you may have heard of before. Before that, the algorithm […]

Trading for Beginners: How to Choose the Right Crypto Assets

For beginners, choosing the type of crypto assets to be purchased is not easy, because there are a lot of crypto assets in the world and […]

Basic Bitcoin Trading Techniques To Always Be Profit

Through this article, we want to give a few basic tips and tricks that can be used by you, in gaining the PROFIT in trading Bitcoin! […]

Get To Know Your Crypto Asset!

Hello Indodax members! Want to learn about blockchain and crypto assets? Or want to learn and buy and sell bitcoin? Come on, learn more at Indodax […]

Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold

Payment tool when shopping online / offline Can you buy a plane ticket at the airport using a lump of gold in your hand? Can you […]

Bitcoin Core VS Hard Bitcoin Unlimited Events: What is it?

For those of you lovers of Bitcoin and Blockchain, surely it’s no stranger to hear the word “hard fork” which lately keeps popping up in the […]

Crypto Asset 2020

It’s not like we’ve entered 2020, here! In the New Year 2020, there are some important trends and movements on the blockchain and cryptocurrency area to […]