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How to determine the winner of Trading Contest?

Indodax Trading Contest has started but still confused about the calculations? Let’s watch the following video! For those who haven’t participated in the Trading Contest, let’s […]
all time high

Towards All Time High, Buy Directly or Wait First?


Avoid Loss with the Right Scalping Strategy

Who wants to lose when trading? Surely not, right? So, let’s take a look at scalping tips & tricks so you don’t lose when trading on […]

How To Read Candle Stick

Candle Stick? What is it? In the trading world, is there the term Candle Stick? Come on, find out now! Together with Tari as the host […]

What Is Swing Trading?

What category trader are you? Let’s watch the full video on Ask Me this episode! Together with Tari as the host and Shania from the Indodax […]